Company Profile

Prayas Financial Services Private Limited (PFSPL) is a Private Company registered with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a Non-Banking Finance Company especially as NBFC – MFI with effect from February 06, 2020. Currently, the Company has established 21 Branch Offices, which are situated in the state of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan to provide microfinance to the unemployed or low-income families who otherwise would have no other access to financial services.

It aims to give financially weakened people an opportunity to become self-sufficient. Usually, areas of operations of extending small loans are rural areas and among low-income people in urban areas.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote the general well-being of the poor women in the province and transform them into self-reliant, self-managing, just and peaceful living communities.

Our Vision

The long-term vision is a society 'where citizens have equal and sufficient economic and social opportunities to improve their standards of living, and where they can contribute productively towards the overall development of the country.