DISCLAIMER It has come to our notice that an application listed on Google Play Store called “Coin track Loan-online Loan” is misusing our Corporate name and fraudulently referring to Prayas Financial Services Private Limited (Prayas) as one of their “Primary NBFC Partners”. We would like to clarify and Inform the public at large that Prayas has no association whatsoever with Coin track Loan or any entities or persons connected therewith. We recommend you exercise caution when dealing with these entities and doing so will be at your own risk.

About Us

Prayas Financial Services Pvt Ltd (PFSPL) is a Private Company registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a Non-Banking Finance Company, specifically as NBFC – MFI, commencing its operations on February 6, 2020. Established on March 3, 2017, PFSPL is dedicated to empowering financially underserved households and informal micro-enterprises by providing them with financial products and services to attain self-sufficiency. PFSPL is a subsidiary of Ananya Finance for Inclusive Growth Private Limited (Ananya), which is a registered NBFC with RBI. Ananya is a well-reputed organisation with track record of more than a decade in promoting financial inclusion with focus on underserved MSMEs and low income households. Ananya acquired a majority stake in PFSPL in June 2022 after obtaining prior approvals from RBI.

PFSPL is furthering the developmental agenda of Ananya by operating with the objective of uplifting the socio-economic conditions of low-income populations, enabling them to overcome financial challenges and improve their quality of life. By facilitating access to credit and other financial tools, we aim to foster entrepreneurship, encourage livelihood development, and promote sustainable economic growth among underserved communities. Our focus is on promoting income-generating activities, thereby fostering small businesses like tea stalls, grocery stores, beauty parlours, welding units, repair shops, fruit, and vegetable vendors, as well as agricultural and allied ventures.

A fully automated end to end technology stack has been adopted in order to streamline the customer journey, enhance operational effectiveness and improve the customer & employee experience. The entire operations are digitised with completely paperless processing of the loan applications. An inhouse proprietary BRE has been developed which has enabled automated decisioning of bureau results. The trifecta of Aadhar-Bank Account-UPI has been seamlessly integrated into the operational delivery process. The technology stack deployed consists of a mix of external vendors and in-house development.

PFSPL has become a trusted partner for low-income households and micro-enterprises seeking opportunities for growth and financial stability. The organization is driven by a strong social mission, embodying the belief that access to financial resources and services can be a catalyst for positive change. We aim to empower women to build sustainable livelihoods and achieve economic independence. With its blend of compassionate financial services, dedication to social impact, and a well-established presence in rural areas, PFSPL is committed to playing a pivotal role in fostering financial inclusion and empowering underserved communities. The company currently serves clients through its network of branches spread across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Vision and Mission


Our Vision is to build a society 'where citizens have equal and sufficient economic and social opportunities to improve their standard of living, and where they can contribute productively towards the overall development of the country'.


Our Mission is to promote the general well-being of the poor women in the provinces and transform these provinces into self-reliant, self-managing, just and peaceful living communities.

Board of Directors


Our lending ethos focuses on promoting income-generating activities, thereby empowering individuals and informal enterprises to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys and enhance their economic prospects. We provide loans to our valued members for starting new economic activity or for enhancing the capacity of the existing income generating activity. Our focus is primarily on women and microfinance graduates located primarily in small towns and villages in the north and western part of India. We also bundle credit life insurance to provide financial protection from untimely demise of member or co-borrower. Our loans are currently priced at a minimum, average, maximum ROI of 27% p.a. on a reducing balance method.

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Corporate Office: 806-808, 8th Floor, Tower A, Emaar Digital Greens, Sector-61, Gurugram- 122102, Haryana, India.

Registered Office: Satyam-1/308, Amba Business Park, Tri Mandir Campus, Above HDFC/SBI Bank, Adalaj, Gandhinagar- 382421, Gujarat, India.





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